ULTRADE is a Crosschain DeFi-as-a-Service trading infrastructure, with a whitelabel

product and B2B2C business model. It is the world’s first Native Crosschain Orderbook

non-custodial exchange, enabling asset deposits and order management natively on

12+  chains, with unified crosschain orderbook liquidity

The  innovative whitelabel solution enables anyone to instantly launch a branded version

of the platform and earn trading fees. Furthermore, it enables self-listing of tokens for

trading, with a native crosschain experience across 12+ chains, and a built-in shared

liquidity network. Users can manage all trading activities across the 12+ chains using

one connected wallet.

The growth strategy is scalable without spending directly on CAC, through a B2B2C

business model whereby whitelabel partners bring their users to the network. Revenue

is derived from sharing the trading fees with the partners.

ULTRADE initially launched on the Algorand blockchain due to its highly advanced

technology and is currently on its Mainnet with V1 of the platform as proof of concept.

With the major market crash since May 2022 and its effects on most chains, including

the Algorand ecosystem, ULTRADE has focused on expanding the product’s potential

market and business through a crosschain approach that evolves our solution across

12+ chains, with Algorand serving as the execution and settlement layer


*( The platform supports 12 chains: Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base

BNB, Optimism, Solana, Aptos, Sui, Near and Algorand, with more chains to follow).

For more and deeper information please go to ULTRADE.COM

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