Experience & Education

Materials Engineer – Ben Gurion University of the Negev – Israel

MBA Master in Business Administration – Barry University, Miami Fl – USA

ami gur

Directors Course – The Israeli Center for Management

Digital Transformation Course – DigitalRosh & Israeli Technion

Over 30 years of experience in the precious metals world.

Began career in 1992, as plant engineer & plant manager of “Hazorfim” – silverware manufacturers.

In 1996, established A.G. Metals Ltd., a  company that engages in import and distribution of semi-finished products based on precious metals for different and diverse markets (medical, industrial, Judaica, etc.).

The activity includes the purchase of surplus production and waste containing precious metals, treatment, evaluation and export.

When dealing with waste and recycling, the need arose to specialize in performing content tests, and using an XRF device.

Over the years, the company has acquired various types of devices. Expertise has developed in understanding the technology, learning the various

advantages of each tool and performing accurate analyses. Including the radiation safety course of the Institute for Nuclear Research “Shorak”.

In 2010, established Metalex Ltd. and its subsidiary, Ritz Trading Ltd. in the Netherlands, which specialized in collecting, disassembling, sorting and treating metal waste (such as WEEE, auto catalysts, industrial catalysts, etc.) and export to final recyclers around the world according to the composition and type of metal.  The collection from various industries; aviation, the automotive industry, the electronics industry, factories in the field of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Over the years, an extensive network of international connections has developed with manufacturers, traders, refiners and recyclers all over the world. 

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